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General information about Duivensport België

The range of products of “Duivensport België” undoubtedly belongs to the best the market can offer.
The inspirer of these products, veterinarian Dr. Rudi Hendrikx, developed this range based on his years of experience in the pigeon sport !! Being a veterinarian and a top fancier he knows only too well  the needs of our racing pigeons and how to anticipate.

Dr. Rudi Hendrikx : “The pigeon sport has evolved tremendously  over the past 20 years. You can hardly compare the actual pigeon sport with the past.
What is required of a racing pigeon nowadays is really phenomenal.  It therefore seemed to me more than logical to update our monitoring schedules.
Based on experience and research we developed a number of unique products  that are the very best!”

That is why “Duivensport België” , in a few years, has evolved  into one of the leading companies that are specialized in products for racing pigeons only. It are piece by piece top products with only one goal in mind : to bring  our racing pigeons to an unprecedented high level of performance !
And that’s what they do!  Proof is the large number of top fanciers that rely on our expertise to reach top performances.

“Duivensport België” : often copied, never equaled !